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It has been a super long time since I was able to blog 🙁 The weather has been super cold so I haven’t been able to leave the house to take some nice fashion photos! Hopefully I will be able to soon! Other than that, I have been super busy with Mint To Inspire and planning events and such! So bare with me, and I hope you enjoy this lovely review!


I was thinking of investing in a cute Kate Spade phone case for my Samsung Note 4, but they didn’t have Samsung Note 4 cases. So I thought, if I am a graphic designer, might as well design my own!

I researched a few companies and Case Custom gave me the best visual on their site. All you have to do is find your device (which basically has ALL devices) and then upload your picture, then rearrange it to what you like and add to cart! Pay and they do the rest!

I wasn’t 100% that it was what I wanted but I went with it anyway!


Quality: 5/5

I picked the regular Samsung Note 4 case because your design can wrap around the case (which I think looks way nicer). The material of the case is really sturdy and just like the Kate Spades cases!


Print: 5/5

It printed my phone case exactly the way I wanted and the details of the printing is just perfect! No blurriness at all!


Last but not least:

Customer Service: 5/5

I was kind of scared at first because the lettering on my design was thin and it came up on the preview really faint. I emailed them right away and they told me it was fine and that the preview is just compressed when rendering! They responded as soon as they could and were super friendly!



I was thinking of making more case designs for Mint To Inspire and hopefully sell them in the future because everyone loves me a pretty phone case!

Hope you enjoy this review and don’t forget to get your own at!


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