T3 SinglePass Compact Iron | First Impression & Demo


I was looking online at Sephora back in the middle of January and I came across T3’s SinglePass Compact Iron for $115 at Sephora. I have always heard of T3 hair tools before but seeing that it was a pretty pricey brand, I haven’t had the courage to pick anything up.

I decided to pick the T3 SinglePass Compact Iron because I was heading to travel the week after and it product was at an okay affordable price. What caught my attention was that the iron came with a cap to secure the iron when it has been used so you can pick it in your bag as soon as you finish using it.

I thought the iron did a pretty good job with straightening my hair and it made my hair look more fresh and shiny. I definitely would recommend it to those that are looking for a new straightener and travels a lot. The downside to the straightener is that it is definitely hard to curl your hair especially when you have a lot of layers because the tip of the iron gets hot and with such a small space to curl your hair, the hairs will definitely “fly” away and you won’t get a full curl. Check out my video to see the demo I did with my hair.


Check Out The Demo Video:

**Note: I ended up returning it because I didn’t need a new straightener at this moment. It’s great for travelling and better for those just looking to straighten your hair.

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