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It has almost been a month since I got back from Atlanta. I’m super excited to show you some photos of what I did there and why you should visit. I picked up a CityPASS on Costco Canada (cheaper!). I have always heard of Atlanta but it never seemed like a place that people would travel to. I have to say that it is definitely a pretty cool place to head to and I really don’t know why no one really talks about it.

Here’s a little recap on my trip to Atlanta featuring the CityPASS:


CNN Studio Tours

CNN headquarters is located near the heart of Atlanta, GA in Downtown. We headed up the one of the world’s largest escalator (I believe it was 8 story high). We weren’t able to film or take that many photos inside but it definitely showed us how it’s like to run the biggest network!



The World of Coca-Cola

I gotta say, this was “my most looked forwarded to” place to head to at Atlanta. Who knew that Coca-Cola was made in Atlanta at a pharmacy as a medicine. We got greeted with free coca cola in the beginning and left with a coca cola souvenir at the end. There is lots of facts and products you can see here. It will make you view coca cola in a different way!



Georgia Aquarium

I worked at an aquarium before and I have always loved fishes so being at a new aquarium is always eye opening for me. Being able to see and learn more about the sea life is absolutely amazing. There is so much out there in the oceans that you may never be able to see so being able to see them at an aquarium is super nice!



Zoo Atlanta

Zoos aren’t always my favourite thing but I do like seeing animals. (ps I saw a kangeroo). We went pretty early in the morning so most of the animals were sleeping (but we got to take lots of photos because no one was in our way). Who doesn’t love seeing pandas? Oh, I love giraffes! They are so tall and big!



Bonus: SkyView Atlanta

The SkyView Atlanta is definitely a must go if you are in Atlanta. Even though it is not a part of the CityPASS, you can still purchase it with discount on Groupon and get chocolate too! It’s definitely worth a date there especially at night!

You can check out the vlogs to see more:

Cameras: Canon T6S & Canon G7X

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