Sigma Mr Bunny Travel Brush Set | Review


So I found this in my draft folder a few days ago and I realized I totally forgot about it! I did use the Sigma Mr. Bunny Travel Kit a lot the past half a year so I will be able to give a really in depth review! I heard many things about Sigma and always wanted to try their brushes, but I have tons of brushes and the price is a little expensive since the dollars with US and Canada are insane.

I decided to pick up the Mr. Bunny Travel Kit on Nail Polish Canada because I didn’t have any travel brushes and it came with this super nice case that’s perfect to display your brushes during your vacation. It also give me a chance to try all their brushes at an affordable price.






These are brushes that I go for everyday now since I purchased them. My most used brushes are the Large Angled Contour, Eye Shading, Tapered Blending and Pencil brush. Overall, if you’re a beginner or looking to purchase a bunch of brushes at once, I do recommend picking this up so you can use it on a everyday basis or take it to travelling when needed!

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