Mr Chili Noodle House | Food Tasting with Chopstick Fest


Chopstick Fest is an event that honours Vancouver’s Chinese history through exploring the culture, history of Chinese cuisine. Chopstick Fest will be happening from October 15 – 30, 2016 with over thirty restaurants that will feature their unique and delicious dishes.

I am super honoured to be one of the lifestyle/food bloggers to help promote Chopstick Fest. We will be starting off with my first food tasting with Chopstick Fest at Mr Chili. Mr Chili is fairly new and opened in February. The space is super modern and chic which makes you feel super happy to be there. I gotta be honest, I’m the type that likes to eat spicy food but I definitely can’t take it. It’s pretty sad but I was still eager to test my taste buds and see if this place would be worth the hype.

I gotta say, there were dishes that were EXTREMELY spicy but with the help of a few cups of water, I was able to test out some of the famous chongqing dishes and enjoyed it. It definitely was the most dishes I had ever gotten from a food tasting event, especially with only 6 people there. The service was great and the people working there would make sure we had enough water and asked us if we needed anything else. If you asked which dish was my favourite, I would say the one with a LOAD of chillies but with crispy bits of chicken. It had a ton of flavour and wasn’t spicy at all (as long as you don’t eat the chillies..)

I’m super excited for Chopstick Fest and will definitely recommend my friends and family to check it out.


Thank you to the Chopstick Fest team for having me as a guest at Mr. Chili!
Disclosure: All opinions are my own.

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