OOTD: Fall Blues


It’s been awhile since my last fashion post, so I’m here with a new OOTD and a life update. Today, I will be showing you this simple fall, yet presentable outfit of the day for you! Styling this cute sweater I got for sale for ONLY $5 at a MACCS Pop-Up shop during the Spring time! Styling with these super cute booties from Marshalls and super comfy leggings from Aritzia. I love these booties because I can definitely wear it on a daily basis without getting tired and still look dressed up.

Life’s been a little down the past month (hence the OOTD title), but life must go on and I am hoping to find ways to look past what has been happening and know that things will eventually get better. I feel like I’m at that age where I’m sort of stuck and waiting for great opportunities to come by but I’m just sitting here waiting. I need to find that motivation to help me get back up by working and trying hard so that those opportunities will come quicker. But I do gotta say, life doesn’t work that way when you’re stuck down at the bottom but hopefully I will find something or someone that will help me back up! All I can say right now is that whatever situation we are at right now, make sure to not give up. Keep pushing until something amazing happens and you’ll be back in finding your happy place.


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