BH Cosmetics Be… Palette | Bubzbeauty (First Look)


It’s been a long time since I did a makeup post. But here’s this one which I have been dying to show you! When BH Cosmetics and Bubzbeauty announced this collaboration, I got so excited that I literally jumped off my bed! Lindy was always really serious with her collaborations especially when she’s the type that wanted the company to believe the same thing she believed in for a product.

I love how her palette has a meaning which is why she named it the Be… Palette. Each eyeshadow shade reflects how you are. It will remind you everyday as you are putting on your makeup that you should be happy, grateful, genuine, optimistic, inspired, bold, charismatic, thoughtful, able, confident, hopeful and kind. The colors ranged from neutrals to plums which is amazing because you can go super natural or add a pop of purple to intensify the look.


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