Hourglass Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette | Review & Swatch


It’s been awhile since I have sat down to focus on the blog. First off, I just want to say happy new year! (3 weeks late..) I hope to bring more content to the blog that will also revolve in something I have been loving… planners! I have been a little obsessed with planners and crafts for the last few months and I would love to bring it into the blog the next few weeks.

Today, we will be talking about Hourglasses Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette that I picked up awhile back but forgot to blog about it. This product is definitely breathtaking with the packaging and blush colours. As I swatch the product, I felt that the blush wasn’t as smooth and creamy as I thought, in fact, it has a chalky kind of texture which I wasn’t really impressed with since this product was $75CAD. The first two colours were really light even with my pale skintone which didn’t make sense to me. The blushes definitely do give you that pretty glow but in my opinion, I just didn’t think it was worth the price.

That’s it for today! Talk to you soon!


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