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Every month I tell myself that I will blog more but end up just blogging once a month. It’s weird because it’s not hard to blog here since I can be more personal and say whatever I want to say but I guess it’s also because I work on other things such as my other blog, Mint To Inspire and my business, Sparkle & White and I forget about my own blog.

The weather is FINALLY getting warmer (Took longer than expected..) and I can’t wait to do more city type of blog posts. My goal this Spring/Summer is to explore more of Vancouver, BC (and other places around it) and show you my take on secret and fun places to visit. I will also be bringing more travel related content to my travel blog with my boyfriend, The Atlas Of Love so make sure you say hi there!

This month’s OOTD (Let’s hope there is more!) is all about sweater weather. Even though it’s Spring time in April, we do get a lot of rain here in Raincouver so it still gets pretty chilly during the day. I love wearing sweaters because it’s super comfy and you don’t have to accessorize too much but still look put together. I LOVE this super soft pink sweater from Winners, it has cute swans all over it and it’s just too cute! A lot of the times when I go to events, I would be wearing either a sweater or a top that’s not as warm. I was invited to attend NYX After Prom to celebrate their first store at Metrotown and it was super fun! I gotta say, when you see cotton candy and a poutine bar (POUTINE!), life can’t get any better!

Thanks Charmyn for helping me take these quick photos!


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