Tatcha Bestsellers Set | Review

I know it has been awhile since I blogged. After my road trip to the Rocky Mountains (which I still need to post and show you what I did for that week!), I just have been recovering and catching up with my business, Sparkle & White and everything in my life. But this week, I am BACK (hopefully) for some new content and plans.

I have been loving the Water Cream from Tatcha since I got a sample size from Sephora a month ago but it is $82CAD and I don’t have the budget to purchase it yet. I want to make sure I use more of my current moisturizers before purchasing a new one. One day, I was browsing through Sephora and I saw that Tatcha came out with their Bestsellers Set and with one glance, I knew that was the one! Tatcha has came out with a set similar to this but it was before they had their Water Cream and I missed the chance to pick it up and it eventually discontinued. I’m just going to stop blabbing on about this and go straight to the review!

TATCHA Bestsellers Set (4 Products – $72 with $85 value)

Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

This cleansing oil goes on nice and helps with removing any extra makeup!

Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder

I already have this size enzyme powder already. I purchased the travel size version when I was watching a YouTuber’s video on how it is super gentle and helps exfoliate. I have been loving this product especially when I have dry skin and always have dry patches that just lingers around on my skin. It’s super gentle, does irradiate my skin and it really helps with the dry patches.

The Water Cream

This is the reason why I bought this kit. I will definitely purchase the big cute bottle after I go through my current moisturizers. The water cream is super lightweight and blends in like water. It keeps my skin super moisturized and soft. A lot of moisturizers don’t give much results to my skin but this one does!

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist

I have purchased the full bottle of the Dewy Skin Mist before and it didn’t really blow my mind as a lot of YouTubers and beauty bloggers would say. I didn’t really see anything fancy that happened and it was a pretty pricey product. But I do want to give it another try especially since it’s Summer and I do want a more dewy yet natural look this season.

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