A Blog Update + Yumi Lashes with Paula

Hello! I know it has been a LONG time since I last posted on my blog (6 months to be exact). I’m not sure if I will be blogging as much as I use to but I do want to announce that I will be focusing on my YouTube Channel and Instagram more so make sure you go follow me at those places!

Today’s post is super special. Last month, I connected with Paula from MeBeauty in Vancouver, BC to try out the Yumi Lash Treatment. I have always heard about Eyelash Extensions and the side effects it may have such as damaging your lashes. I also rub my eye ALOT so I never tried it out. I came across Yumi Lash Treatment before and heard that it is more of a natural process since the treatment is to lift your own lashes! So when Paula contacted me and asked if I wanted to try it out, I said YES right away!

Here are the before and after photos:

My Experience:

Today will be Week 4 since I did the Yumi Lash Treatment with Paula. During the process, it was relaxing and super quick! After the first day since I got the treatment done, I wasn’t able to do anything to it for up to 48 hours. After that, I was able to do anything such as rub my eyes, put mascara and makeup on! Since my lashes were left, it was difficult to put liquid eyeliner on so for up to 3 weeks, I didn’t even bother since my lashes were lifted anyway! It’s Week 4 now, my lashes are slowly going back down so I’m able to put liquid eyeliner on again (still struggling) but my lashes are still visible and I don’t have to curl them. I definitely recommend doing this if you are looking for a more natural look!

Interview with Paula

When I did the treatment at MeBeauty, Paula was super informative and told me about the benefits about it. I asked her a few questions so you could get to know more about her!

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your business!

I’m a mother of two young children, Milo & Effie (where ME beauty found its name). I’ve over 15 years in the beauty industry. I started my career back in Ireland and continued working in the field when I moved to Canada 7 years ago. I just opened ME Beauty in February of this year.

When did you start doing Yumi Lashes and why?

I first came across YUMI Lashes in 2016. I liked what I saw and straight away took the course here in Vancouver. I also travelled to LA two years later to do a masterclass with world master trainer.
I trained in lash extensions back in 2009 and I was never a fan of them to be honest. I’ve seen the damage lash extensions can do to your natural lashes and the lash lift is an excellent alternative…not to mention less expensive and lower maintenance as there are no refills required and the results last approx 8-12 weeks depending on the life cycle of ones lashes.

What are the benefits for doing Yumi Lashes rather than Eyelash Extensions?

I’m also more into the more natural kind of look! If you like big, full, voluminous lashes then extensions are probably your best bet. However, I’ve seen a lot of my clients (even with short thin lashes) achieve that look by using Eyenvy’s lash and brow conditioner daily combined with a lash lift every 2-3 months.

What other services do you do?

Another service I offer is plasma skin tightening also know as ‘fibroblast’ treatment. It’s the only true cosmetic treatment used to eliminate excess skin. It’s know for it’s success with non surgical eye lifts, tummy tightening, wrinkles, stretch marks, lip plumping and brow lifting. I absolutely love this treatment and the results amaze me everyday.

Here are Paula’s reasons why you should do the Yumi Lash Treatment:

  • Not damaging to Lashes
  • Less expensive as no refills are required
  • Lasts 2-3 months
  • You don’t have to be as careful with them as you do with extensions i.e you can clean your eyes with whatever products you like, you can rub your eyes, so hot yoga, swim etc
  • You can wear mascara
  • Lashes grow long, strong and healthy with proper aftercare
  • It’s a more natural look

Make sure to check Paula out on Instagram and try out the Yumi Lash Treatment!

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